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Best Paid Android Apps 2015

Android App is in great fashion these days. A vast majority will swear that they can't live without. These applications have got to be omnipresent with Android and in case you're searching for well done it's accepted that you have this stuff as of now. It's very much a considerable rundown so take as much time as necessary and experience it. Appreciate the best Android applications that the Google Play Store brings to the table.

#Amazon apps

Get apps for free
Get apps for free

  Amazon has been an in number power in the Android environment for quite a while and we don't anticipate that that will change at any point in the near future. They've done a ton of applications, and truly three of them could go here. Obviously, there's the Amazon shopping application (connected utilizing the catch underneath) which gives one of the best online retail encounters period. Likewise in the Amazon family is the Amazon Kindle application which is still among the best digital book stages accessible. At last, there is the Amazon Appstore which is one of the main non-Google Play stores worth after. It's acclaimed for its free applications and amusements advancements and worth a shot.

#Beautiful Widgets

Beautful Widgrts


Price: $2.59 (Read Here how to get paid apps for free) 
 Lovely Widgets rose to distinction amid the days when everybody needed the HTC Sense clock and climate combo gadget yet didn't need a HTC gadget. It accompanies climate, clock, and climate/clock combo gadgets alongside switches to kill different things like Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, and so on. There are tons of subjects to look over and you ought to have the capacity to discover one that suits your tastes. It's economical and it works extremely well.

#HD Widgets

 Price: $1.99 (here is  the way to get this app for free)

HD Widgets is way like lovely Widgets. It’s a set of widgets wherever you'll choose from clock, weather, clock/weather jazz band, and toggle widgets. in contrast to lovely Widgets, HD Widgets depends on a customizable skin therefore you'll tinker and alter the planning of every contraption to fit your desires. There square measure add-on themes like Kairo and Colourform that add additional color choices and contraption designs. There square measure widgets for each tablets and phones and this can be concerning pretty much as good because it gets once it involves clock/weather widgets


Price: $4.99 ( Get Helium Android app for free here)
helium app
helium app


Backing up your applications and knowledge is maybe the foremost vital factor that the majority folks ne'er do. inert gas could be a no-root-required backup application that appears to hit all the proper marks. It comes with a desktop application and allows you to backup stuff to your SD card or to your desktop for simple retrieval later. It’s true with the backup choices in mechanical man M can build apps like this obsolete sometime, however that day isn't nowadays. till M becomes a factor everybody has, apps like this could positively be used.


Price: $12 per year (want to have this amdroid app free here is the link)

 LastPass could be a countersign manager application that permits you to save lots of all of your passwords to your account and so mechanically log yourself into sites. this can be improbably handy on each automaton and desktop, particularly if you forget your passwords ofttimes. LastPass conjointly options a countersign generator, an easy interface, and an inexpensive tag. many of us swear by LastPass because the secure place for your passwords and that we agree.

#Nova Launcher

price: $4per year/free (way to get nova launcher app for free)

 If you wish streaming music at no cost and don’t mind a couple of advertisements each currently and so, Pandora is perhaps the most effective app out there. It’s one among the few lawfully legal ways in which to induce free music with nothing over radio-style advertisements going in the method. It’s utilized by millions round the world and it not solely permits you to hear music to love however helps you discover new music that feels like the music you wish. you'll be able to get the premium service that removes several of the restrictions and also the advertisements similarly

#Sleep As Android

price: $2.99 

This app really analyses your sleep patterns to assist you get an improved night’s rest. Here’s however it works, you place the phone in your bed with you and it uses the measuring instrument to live what quantity and after you move. It’s extremely one thing completely different and distinctive. If you would like an improved alarm app, check it out. get it free here



If you like to tinker and play with your phone or you want it to do exactly what you want, then you want Tasker. This app can be difficult to use for beginners but once you get the hang of what’s going on, it’s a truly powerful app. You can make your phone do pretty much whatever you want it to do when you want it. A bonus is many NFC tag apps have Tasker plugins so you can even use this app to program your NFC tags beyond what you normally could before. 




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